Growing up in a small town in Texas, I was 1 of 4 girls living life. I  admittingly was a tomboy {which most people don’t believe}. However, at a young age I was fascinated with wearing high-heels while cleaning the house and had lots of personality.

I married my hunky, high-school sweetheart, Raymond and we are celebrating 4 years of marriage this year {time flies when you’re having fun}! He truly makes me a better me and believes, supports and loves me through it all! I couldn’t do it without him! And he’s cute to boot!

My blogging career started last year after friends and family recommended it. I honestly had no idea on where to begin but the thought of recording my fashion diaries was pretty cool! It’s just like high school-goofiness and all!

I hope you enjoy my style, fashion opinions, and life journey. Take from it what you can and add your own little personal flare to it! Make it yours! And don’t forget to dream BIG! Hard work, hustle + faith!

Much love, Loves!

Charity Santibanez