Old Navy Haul!!!

  So you know how there are places you went as a kid but never really thought of them as a place to go after you start making your own money? Old Navy is one of those places! I remember being so excited for Mom to take us girls there to shop for school clothes. We lived an hour away from the nearest mall so traveling to Rockwall where the ON was located was only 45 minutes away which was less car time. {#score} So my sister, Crystal and I were spending the day shopping around and she mentioned she needed to go grab a few things from there in the maternity section. Which, btw, the only one closest to us that had a maternity section is the one off of Park and 75 in Plano. We planned to spend the day together shopping around and enjoying each other. She's always been my very first best friend and we love to be together one-on-one and shop. Now thinking back, it really was a PERFECT DAY! 💛 I digress...So we walked up and I immediately saw a 30% off of clearance items sign and thought oh wow!! We came at the right time! PLUS, I saw another sign that said the whole store had been marked down. As we walked in, you couldn't help but see the clearance racks for women to the right side of you. We immediately started clacking the hangers {you know you do it} to the right to find that perfect thing you just HAVE to have! And boy did we ever! I found an amazing pair of jeans {Rockstar style skinny} for like $17 PLUS and extra 30% off that already clearanced price! They had so many transitional Fall pieces which blew me away because it was on sale! Overall, I spend $130 for everything pictured here ABOVE👆🏼! NOT PICTURED: Jeans + gold layered necklace + more rings. The other thing that blew me away was I not only got clothes but 3 pairs of shoes!! Not to mention a pair of super cute booties to transition with!!!! So amazing!! Also, I work at Nordstrom and I can't even tell you all the compliments I received every time o wore a piece I bought that day! Minus the workout clothes! Haha...But I mean, the leopard print shoes and the blue striped pants just made mixing prints so fun and cute! The black shirt is a long tunic with high side cuts to give it a flare look. I paired it with distressed shorts and the black sandals, which HELLO those go with everything! Also, the workout shirt with the hood has a pocket upfront for your phone {great for running or wearing to shop}.  Pictured below I paired the lil' cutie booties with darker, richer colors to make the transition to Fall. I love creams and maroon! What do you think?   All in all, Old Navy is definitely keeping up with the latest styles and trends. Not to mention a fantastic price point. They also now have a jewelry line that comes in and is changed out once a week so they've got fresh stuff all the time! This excites me because it's a good price for the quality you get. I had been wanting rings for the longest time and when I saw these I fell in love!  See for yourself. The little pineapple is so adorable! 🍍🍍🍍 I've gotten so many compliments. I forgot to mention they come in sets of either Small, Medium or Latge depending on your ring size {I'm a medium} and in a pack of 4! They even had a whole package for a hand you could buy including the half finger rings!! My sister actually bought me one which was super sweet! Love that girl!  So check them out when you can and post comments and questions below! As always, thanks for reading! Xoxo,Charity