$10 Fall lip color 

I'm itching for the first chill to hit TX but unfortunately I don't think it's in the forecast for at least another month...in the meantime I want to be Fall ready and this super cheap beautiful color gets me into the Fall spirit QUICK! If you haven't used Mary Kay in awhile, I definitely recommend you do. It's a great company and truly believes in women and making their dreams come true by offering them the opportunity to have a home based business. Not to mention, they are the #1 customer service cosmetics company in the US and ranked high. Other accolades include Project Runway's OFFICIAL Beauty Sponsor among many others. I grew up wearing it because my Mom had a friend that sold it and she would purchase it through her. I love the fact that she was able to help a local friend by purchasing products directly from her for years versus shopping at the local drug store. :) SO sweet. I actually joined Mary Kay and became and Independent Beauty Consultant 2 years ago and enjoy being able to get products at a discounted rate and share them with my friends and family. It's perfect for any makeup artist, business mind or someone that's just really into makeup and helping women find their perfect look!BACK TO THE SUBJECT, this lip color | Mary Kay @ Play Lip and Cheek Stick in Razzleberry | is so deliciously creamy, rich and actually stains your lip depending on how much you want to build and how bold you want to go. PLUS, it's also a cheek stick {!} so not only can you pucker up and pose with your lips but you can get those gorgeous cheek bones a glowing with using this too! A 2 for 1 for $10! SAY WHAAAAAT??? I wore it all day long and felt like I had silk on my lips at all times! I'm so happy I found this little dude. Definitely a MUST HAVE, girls! Comment below if you have used it or if you have any questions! I love hearing from you all!You can use my link below to shop or contact your local Mary Kay girl, if you have one today. Post pics and use this tag on IG so I can see you rock it: #charitycheekandliphttp://www.marykay.com/charity.s/en-US/Makeup/Mary-Kay-At-Play/Mary-Kay-At-Play-Lip-Cheek-Stick/Razzleberry/200586.partId?eCatId=11836xoxo, Charity