This week I've been thinking a lot about confidence and what it means to be a confident person. I feel like I have been able to carry myself with confidence because of my upbringing and choice to walk in it daily. A great scripture comes to mind and honestly if you just took this one piece of material from this post it would be all you need to go on and have a great day. It's taken from Phillipians 4:13 and chances are you've heard it quoted before: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ {Read on here:}My FAVORITE part is that it says ALL THINGS. Seriously, how can you NOT be confident after hearing this beautiful passage? Growing up, my Mom reminded us of this scripture and reminded us of who we are in Christ. Beautiful, smart, courageous women that could do ANYTHING we wanted to. All I had to do was believe and walk in that scripture confidently with my head held high. Not with an arrogant heart but with a heart to love boldly and live servantly. {if that's even a word, haha}. Meaning, always be a servant to people and willing to help them out with a good heart. I created this picture because I feel really confident in it, as I do all my other pics, usually. {P.S you can share it with your friends and tag me!} But this one just portrayed the epitome of confidence...I had my Celíne Sunnies on, my rings...ALL the essentials but what truly makes this picture is the confidence pouring from it. People ask me on a daily basis if I'm the one in charge or if I'm ever at a store or restaurant they think I work there because the way I walk and carry myself. I take it as a compliment and happily tell them No, but can I help you find anything!? I've actually made friends this way too! Choose today to be CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF.  It can only come from one place--YOU choosing to set aside what is going on for that day and TRUST that God has got your back and He's got it all taken care of. Be CONFIDENT :: COURAGEOUS :: SERVANTLY :: BOLD. ACCESSORIZE YOUR CONFIDENCE AND WEAR IT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!  Feel free to post this on your IG & tag me and all your CONFIDENT friends! :) Love ya,Charity