Oddfellows for Brunch + Cold Brew COFFEE! ☕️

My beautiful friend, Andrea took me to this perfect brunch spot today in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. Our birthdays are close together and no matter how busy we are we always take the time each year to treat each other to a birthday meal! So, we decided to head to the cutest, little artsiest spot in town--you said it, Bishop Arts!  I love this area and have been there often. It's very quant, eclectic  and the perfect place for a Fall day outing with your bestie! Plus, there are a lot of great places to eat AND shop especially if you're tired of all your chain restaurant go-to's.ONCE IN BA, we parked and headed for ODDFELLOWS. Known for their craft coffee on tap {which you honestly don't even need creamer, it's so good} + BRUNCH, this place does coffee like it does food--PERFECT! I had EGGS BENEDICT  and she had the SHORT RIB HASH {we took bites of each other's of course} but devoured our own in minutes! It was brunch like no other! Seriously, could not have gone to a better place. {check out the menu below} PLUS, we had FANTASTIC SERVICE! The cook even came out a time or two to say hello and high five little baby Judah! I can't wait to take my hubbs here!AFTER ODDFELLOW'S, we strolled around the square, visited a few boutiques and made our way to Pie Emporium. Not as good as my Granny's but pretty darn close. They put a modern twist on a homemade pie and it's nice to sit inside or outside {they have both} and share a slice after a meal. Sweet reminders to slow down and enjoy life.Here's a few snapshots from the day along with my outfit details:Outfit DEETS | TEE: Free People in XS {Nordstrom} Price Matched for a whopping $43.50 down from $58| JEANS: Skinny kick bootcut {American Eagle} I've had them since high school. I love how loose and relaxed they are! | BOOTIES: Tesori {Nordstrom Rack} $59.99 | HAT: The {Laughing Willow Boutique in Bishop Arts District {Dallas}} I had asked the shop clerk taking our picture if I could wear the hat. She said yes and I said, "Ok, it looks good, I'll buy it!" $34 {100% wool} | NECKLACE: Bauble Bar {Nordstrom} $24 ||Happy Fall,Charity