| My 2 FAVE Booties UNDER $100 | 


So, I had my eye on these super cute Vince Camuto booties for awhile at Nordstrom. The day came when I wanted to buy them and when I tried them on I was so disappointed in the way they looked on me. You see, I'm only 5'0" so my thinking is if a bootie is super round and not pointy, it makes me look shorter. A pointy toe is flattering and can really elongate your legs. I wear them with EVERYTHING! So when I look for booties I go for the pointier toe or at least ones that look long and not stubby, round or wedged. The Vince Camuto booties initially caught my attention because the color was gorgeous and I liked the thick, chunky heel. Anyway, back to these delicious booties I was talking about! I told the sales guy I didn't like the Vince Camuto and so he started bringing me a whole slew of other ones comparable. Super sweet. One of my girlfriends was shopping with me and whizzed by wearing the black pair of booties pictured below: I loved the style and that they were sleek and narrow {believe me, it makes a difference as mentioned before}. 😉 The brand is a Nordstrom brand, BP. It's one of my favorites and the price is amazing! Plus, the heel is chunky and super comfy! I wear them for hours upon hours walking around and they passed the comfort test ✔️✔️. So, of course when I get new booties it calls for a photoshoot! Here are some outfits I put together to show off these cuties:   Which ones do you like the best? I liked them so much I decided to get both!  The Vince Camuto ones were $159 so for $50 more you get both pairs!! A win-win! 🏆a few more shots...  ...and now for the links: Grey leather: http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/bp-trolley-ankle-bootie-women/3194050Black leather: http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/bp-trolley-ankle-bootie-women/3194050Tell me what you think! I love hearing from you! Don't forget to Like & share this blog post. 👌🏼💛🕶Much love, loves!C.S   A special thanks to Hannah, my amazing blogger bud & her eye behind the camera! Check her out on IG, @thatotherhannah.  Isn't she gorg!? 💛