| Mirina Collections Necklace |


 It's hard as women to find that perfect necklace to go with EVERYTHING! But...I have finally found it in my Mirina Collections 'Max' famous statement necklace.Mirina Collections is based out of New York & every necklace is 'made to order' in the fashion capital of the USA. Now, it did take about a month to get because of the fact it is 'made to order'  but I love that it's made here!As I mentioned, my FAVE Mirina Collections necklace was the 'Max.' But there are SOOOOO many amazing necklaces to choose from! I will definitely be ordering more AND they have super cute sunglasses as well. Super trendy and chic! The reason I chose 'Max' is because it seemed like a good size for my body. My torso is so short and so a much longer one would really take away from my body's length. ;) Hey, things like that really matter and paying attention to your body's size when choosing accessories and clothes really matters ;) PLUS, if I wanted to dress it down, it's a lot easier when it's shorter and less chunky. View their site, you'll see what i'm talking about.If you absolutely LOVE the one I have: Order here & get 20% off my necklace and/or any of your choice by using coupon code: charity20 when you checkout. #SAVINGSIn the above pics, I've styled this beauty in a couple different ways but honestly it's SOOOO versatile. You can truly wear it with ANYTHING!Happy shopping & stylin'!Much love, loves!Charity