Happy Fall, yall!!!! OMG, today is 70 degrees and you would think it's 40 the way I'm dressed! I'm embracing the slightly cooler temps and getting ready to head out to my family's in East Texas for our annual fall fest! I look forward to it every single year! We'll have hay rides, roast weenies (on the coolest sticks that have been carved just for roasting), S'mores and so much family fun!! I can't wait! But before I go, I wanted to post about this super cool gloss I've been using now for over a month! It's called Lipsense, maybe you've heard of it!? If you haven't, get on the horn and order it because it's legit. It's guaranteed to last up to 18 hours and it honestly exceeds that! Keep in mind, it's not a lip stain, Lipsense creates a molecular bond on top of your skin and doesn't penetrate into the lips. Not trying to get too sciency but just thought you should know the difference!

My thoughts: IT LASTS OVER 8 HOURS!!! It's like a no crustiness, dryness, doesn't come off at all, all day type of thing!!! You get it? Plus, there are so many colors to choose from. I am about to order Bravo as my nude color. There's nothing better than a pretty nude that lasts all day! Yay!

I will admit, I was a little skeptical at first because I've never used anything that lasts this long and honestly, it will last way longer than you think. I just gloss every 4-6 hours or so to keep my lipsies nice and shiny! If i'm going for a more matte lip (which I always put on my lips, not really into sparkles for my lips) than I just don't gloss as much.

Here's what comes in the starter kit:

My friend Shelby Romans (my lipsense girl) included this great card (which is the back of her business card) with all the instructions. It's completely dummy-proof!



Now, I want to see you with your Lipsense lips banging, so tag me in all your social media posts so I can see ya rock it!

To order, simply shoot Shelby an email:

Check out her FB Page HERE

Now, off to roast some weenies!!