My Stunning $20 Dress 

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of being in my friend Courtney's wedding. I'm sure you saw the adorable pics on my Instagram. It was a gorgeous wedding.

The day prior to the big day, we had a bridal brunch in Fort Worth at Zodiac inside of Neiman Marcus and girls being girls, we just had to shop!! A few of the girls and I walked over to H&M  and they were having  a huge sale! Of course, we went crazy, flying in and out of the dressing room trying things on and even though we had all brought outfits to wear for the rehearsal dinner happening that night, we wanted something NEW! Haha, I told you girls will be girls! 😂 I was walking out of the dressing room when my friend Sundee passed by me with this gorgeous long explosion of a dress and the first thing that caught my eye were the fun sleeves! I had to have it at that moment no matter the price {well, 😏 maybe the price, a little} but I had to have it! What a statement those sleeves made! Talk about stop and stare! Take a look...

The next thing I needed to know was how long it was on this little 5'1" body! I tried it on and it was perfect! I needed a size 6 {H&M always runs small and I don't find that they are true to size in most things} but they only had an 8 and although it looked bigger on me I liked the  way it fell on me. Not too big and not too small.

3 words that describe how I felt in this dress:




I paired my #ZARA black midi boots (not pictured but will link)  with it for a super winter feel! Soooo warm and chic!

Now here's the deal on how to get this dress...get to your nearest H&M asap because I'm not seeing it on their website which means they may all the sold out online and what's left will be in stores. There were a lot when I was there but that was a few weeks back! This dress is worth it though! Again, only $20 buckaroos!

Let me know how it goes, if you find it and HAVE FUN! Make an early Christmas shopping trip out of it with a girlfriend and don't forget to tag me along the way via social media! Love hearing from my peeps out there!

Until next time...much love, loves.

xxoo, Charity

Dress: H&M In-store | Booties: ZARA booties | Hangbag: Celine | Sunnies: Ray-Ban Nordstrom | Hair + MUA for this shoot: Rachel Rush (IG:Rachel.Rush) | Photographer: Jeremiah Warren (IG: Jeremiahjw)