Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and ladies, I know a gift you will love receiving this love day! Your very own, unique, feminine, classy, wooden watch. I never thought about having a wooden watch until JORD reached out and gifted me this gorgeous timepiece. It's one of the coolest women's watches I have ever worn. Plus, they have men's watches too, hint, hint, ladies! I'm definitely getting Raym one (shh, don't tell him)! I love how earthy it is, easy to pair with outfits and soooo lightweight. I'm also loving how unique it is and how much people notice it vs. a metal/leather one. No one has anything like it unless it's a JORD!

Check out how I've fit it into my wardrobe + lifestyle over the past few months...#sorrynotsorry for the pic overload, I just truly love wearing and styling this watch! ;) I like pushing the limits with it sometimes and it always works out in my favor and gives my outfit an edgy yet sophisticated, casual chicy look.  Imagine your options!

| I LOVE the packaging it comes in! A wooden box for my wooden watch! |

Channeling my inner #CaraDelevingne

| Perfect for a coffee date |

| Pretty in Pink |

Clearly, this watch is super versatile and a must-have for your wardrobe. TIP: I've found that having different accessories with unique textures mixed in with your wardrobe really make all the difference for an outfit. It's called details and they always go noticed rather than unnoticed. ;) I used to not care to accessorize that much but since I've been in the industry, I've learned that less is more and with this piece, I couldn't be more right!

Now onto the shopping!!!

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Much Love, loves and HAPPY LOVE MONTH!!