| Lily Claire | The Handbag that Gives Back 

It all began with this bag...

I'll tell you more about this classy bag in just a few secs...

One of my very favorite things about being a blogger are the people you meet along the way. I became familiar with the Lily Claire handbag early 2016 when #NarrowCollective and I did a giveaway.  I was able to meet with the owner, Lisa Sooter one evening at her Dallas home to hear her love for the brand and how it got started. Read more about the company from Lisa's heart here.

What I love most about this brand besides the fact that their bags are extremely chic, modern AND the best quality {they are hand made here in the USA}. VERY WELL MADE!

I chose the Chestnut & White bucket bag {get my exact one HERE}. I love how versatile it is and how much it holds! I love having all my camera gear, phone and all my purse essentials! Hey, a girl's gotta have her gloss! Not only is this bag one-of-a-kind, it's also made of authentic cow skin and the best smelling leather you've ever smelled. It's seriously dreamy and goes with so much.

Check out my poses with this doll of a bag:

Phewww...that was a fun photoshoot! All pics were taken by my one and only love, Raymond! ❤️️ We went away to Austin for a weekend and it served as the perfect weekender! Either styles are great for travel. Which brings me to the next one I chose AND to the story that I started before...


Remember how I told you in the beginning how it started with JUST ONE BAG!?!

Well, if you didn't click on the link to the website to ready the full story, here's the gist in her own words:

"It started with a bag that I loved and carried for over a decade. A bag that became my go to bag for every day and for travel. A bag that was so functional and lightweight and classic that I carried it in every season and for every reason. A bag that traveled with me for business and for pleasure, in the U.S. and internationally. A bag that my male colleagues were so fond of they named it the “carpet bag”. I loved my carpet bag and so did everyone else. People stopped me on the street to ask about it. They stopped me in malls, in foreign countries, at the hairdresser, at the coffee shop, on airplanes—EVERYWHERE."

How amazing is that? She goes on to say what her passion for making these bags is...

"From the start it was always to be a business that wanted to make money only to give it away. God was clear that the reason for Lily Claire was to give away 100% of its profits to wherever He directed."

Lily Claire's profit's are currently going to the charity {not me, heehee}, Child to Child USA. They provide education, food and clothing to children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Check them out HERE. I mean, for real, who doesn't want to have an amazing bag while you help out children in a third- world country!

Get the Classic Lily Here {you won't regret it, in fact, you'll thank me!}

F I N A L | T H O U G H T S :

I LOVE carrying both of these bags because of the story that goes along with it. When people ask me {like they did Lisa, I get so many compliments on these bags} I feel great about myself and what it represents.

I also love that Lily and Claire are Lisa's daughters and the names behind this adorable brand. You know I know about keepin' it all in the family! 😉

Stay tuned to Lily Claire's new and improved website, coming soon! But shop away and share this story with all your peeps. Let's make 2017 their year to help out more kids than ever!

Much love, loves,