Prepping for Fall: Booties, Mules, Athleisure


It's almost Fall, ya'll! That means, pumpkin errrrything, football Saturdays, warm and spicy candles, fresh, cool weather and yes, F A L L F A S H I O N!!! We've been waiting for it all year! Now we can finally cover up all that skin we've been soaking up the sun with in layers and layers of lush fabrics! YES, I LOVE FALLLL!!! I may be biased since September is also my birthday month, which happens to be my 30th this year! I am soooo embracing this new decade and the fact that I'm 19-weeks prego with my angel boy, Lincoln.

So without further adieu, here are my Fall shoe faves...

so far ;)



First of all, Hello leopard print mules! PLUS, SALE ALERT! These shoes are legit only 40 bucks right now. But, you need to act fast, the only sizes left are 4, 4.5, 12, and 13! Shop all my faves by following me here in the LIKEtoKNOWit app.


Pair with:

Denim anything and everything, dresses, shorts, skirts.

Leather jackets + bright, chunky sweaters

Striped and solid color dresses (remember, don't be afraid to MIX PRINTS. It's so fun and I promise people will look at you like you are fashion forward ;) It's not a bad thing when people stare ;) Embrace it! You got it goin' on, woman! Here I mixed flannel with it for a chic combo.









As soon as I saw these I was obsessed. The color, the style, the fabric will pair well with alllll of my fall outfits, EFFORTLESSLY! Tip: I don't have time to try to make an outfit work, that's why it's important to have good pieces that can work together without thought. That is why most of my closet is full of neutrals and not prints. Shoes are a different story. I adore mixing prints when it comes to shoes. For example: I paired my blue + white striped duster pictured below and the leopard print mules. You probably wouldn't have thought it would go together but the bright, rich colors pair together gorgeously!!

Another thing I like about these booties is the heel. Not too high and ultra comfy, especially for an expecting mama like me!

Shop booties here!

Pair with:

Skinny denim in blue, black or white + they can be rolled up or worn regular, depending on the length of the denim. Think knit sweaters, t-shirts with cardigans, leather jackets as tops with the different colored denim bottoms.

Casual dresses of all styles, maybe add a cute cardigan or cape over the dress.

Denim, corduroy, cotton skirts



Ok, Ok, these may not be on everyone's radar for sneakers, but hear me out. I saw these and posted them on my IG story and so many of you voted for me to get them. So I did! Shop them both here!

I truly love statement pieces and that's exactly how I'd describe these shoes. I think it's a good thing to add in funky, little statement pieces to your wardrobe here and there. While these are trendy, which is not my usual go to, the cool style got me plus they're stinkin' comfortable (memory foam soles) and give you another 2 inches in height ;) Nuff said! I'll take 1 in every color, please!

If you're having trouble deciding, my tip is to definitely spice your wardrobe up with these, plus if you don't like the ones I bought, they come in 2 other colors, including all white.



Pair with:


Wide leg pants + denim jeans + shorts, for a top, try a chunky, knit sweater or cardigan.

Casual stripe or solid color dresses

Perfect for on-the-go women! You go, girl!



So what are your favorite Fall pieces? What shoe do you think you'll be sporting?

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Much love, loves!

Charity + Lincoln