Gender Reveal Soiree

Our precious friends and family threw us an amazing gender reveal soiree and needless to say, it was a night to remember.

We were beyond ready to find out the gender of Baby S. We invited our closest family and friends to be in on it and the night was full of excitement, joy, and laughter! The food was outrageously delicious, the company was even better, and the reveal was...if I'm being honest, SHOCKING!!! However, before I get into that, here's a recap video of some gorgeous snapshots from the evening...

T H E | S O I R E E

[wpvideo c89rUFJV]


T H E | R E V E A L


these next few pics are a little grainy but I love our faces...


Raymond's smile is EVERYTHING here!!!!!


My sweet MIL's thumbs up here is PRICELESS!!




As you can tell it was a perfect evening, but I have to admit when Raymond and I popped the colored powder cannons, I was disappointed in the outcome.

For years, I have never imagined myself as anything other than a mom to a little girl. I guess growing up in a home with 3 other sisters; a home full of girls was all I knew...and all I could imagine. You probably can't tell because I'm ALL smiles and utterly so happy but when I saw that blue powder in the air, deep down, I was sad.

I felt so guilty for feeling this way. I mean how dare I? I was carrying a healthy baby boy and I was sad because it wasn't the gender I had always hoped and dreamed of having? There are thousands of women that struggle with infertility and here I am being so ungrateful for what I've been blessed with!?

I mentioned something in my Instagram post the following day,

"It was a day of mixed emotions as I’ve always thought of myself as being a mom to a little girl but whatever God’s plan is, I’m down and grateful for the beautiful journey He’s laid out for me! It’s going to be a wonderful ride and Raymond and I are elated, to say the least!!"

I want to be vulnerable and let everyone know my true thoughts and feelings. Life experiences are not always laid out how we think they should be. We don't know how our emotions will react to a situation until we actually walk through it.

This is why I love the digital world we live in: I had quite a few women reach out to me and tell me they too felt disappointed after finding out their baby's gender. In fact, it's apparently a common occurrence. The next day, I saw an article on The Bump app {a great app for mom newsletters, helpful tips and it tracks your baby's progress} and it gave me new insight on the subject. Also, hearing from women like you, my faithful readers and friends, helped so much with the guilt I felt in having these thoughts!

In my case, this was not something that I was down or depressed about. Women do deal with disappointment upon finding out the gender of their baby and go through times of depression and doubt because of their missed expectations. It's so tough to say I saw a tiny snippet of what some women are feeling.

My shock was quickly replaced with joy from the news that I WAS having a B O Y!! Like, what?! I'm having a

B O Y!!!!!!!!!

A beautiful baby boy to call my own, to cuddle with, to watch play soccer, to dress up in bow ties, hats, dinosaurs, and pine trees. Gosh, I had been missing out on all these envisions of life with a baby boy because thoughts of a baby girl were always on my mind. As if I could even control what I was having! As if I knew what I needed better than God, who knows EXACTLY what we need. That's the beauty in not being able to control the gender of our children. It's something completely out of our control and totally in Gods. How beautiful is that? He gives us the perfect gender of our baby that is absolutely perfect for us and when your trust and hope is in him, there's no doubt or worries. That goes for everything in life. When we truly surrender our lives to Him, we find who we are meant to be.

* * * * *

I love you all so much. Thank you for being there for me and loving me through all things. I'm so big on living a life of authenticity and vulnerability. After all, we are all humans, beautiful, broken, and imperfect. Sharing our most intimate selves in a safe place makes us a better us and that's the most important for overall self-health.

Much Love, Loves,

Charity + Baby Linc


A special thanks to @acunaphoto for the amazing photos + videos.

Paula Cruz, Angel AbrenicaKayla Hall, and Kelly Wilcox for hosting such a beautiful soiree.